Derek our T5

Well where do I begin? I am Vicky, my husband is called Andy and we have a beautiful Goldendoodle called Alfie and as come you come along with us on our journey you will get to know us. 😀

So where it all started. Me and Andy have always wanted to buy a VW campervan. A split screen or a T2 in light blue with a pop up roof. Amazing. I love their character, style and the feeling you get when you sit in one. The only problem is if you are not aware they don’t come cheap. 

So about 18 months ago we started saving up everything we could but it was slow going. While we were waiting to win the lottery or for a money tree to grow in the garden, we started to do some research as we are not the most mechanically minded. I know what you are thinking why buy a campervan that is over 50 years old when we can’t even change a tyre. I was thinking the same thing but I thought do as much research as I could and then by some magical miracle I would wake up and be an amazing mechanic. Well that didn’t happen. After speaking to lots of VW owners about their t2’s we started to ask ourselves is this the right van for us?? 

Feeling rather deflated and still not having much money saved we started to think about whether to actually get a VW all together. Should we get a Mazda bongo or a transit van they are cheaper and more reliable. No I wanted a VW. So we stared to look at newer vans t4’s and t5’s not quite what we wanted but we will have a look. 

We went to quite a few VW shows and we started to look more at the t5s, I must say the more I spoke to their owners and looked at them the more I liked them. Bigger for one which is a big plus when u have a rather big dog to contend with. Reliable as Andy will be using it as his every day car. Quicker not that I want to go to fast but it does come in handy when u need to over take someone. Yes t5 is exactly what we wanted. Exciting tummy butterflies started and our imagination kicks in over drive. 

But What spec do we want?? Short or long wheel base? Barn doors or hatchback?? What engine size?? And what millage are we willing to go up to? Converted or just a van ready to be converted?? Still lots of questions. After a long talk we wanted a white hatchback panel van, short wheel base, 1.9 with no more than 100000 miles.   😬

Where do we start to look for them? Auto trader, eBay, gum tree and car dealerships. We started looking for prices how much is a t5 going to cost us. Food for thought. When looking keep in mind that there are so many doggy deals out there. If it looks to good to be true it probably is. (Never hand over money before you see the van and test drive it.) Well a VW campervan can start from as cheap as £5000 all the way up to £45000 (coverted) yes a big difference. 

Andy was on the internet every day looking for the best deals. Hatchbacks are like gold dust and are a lot more expensive than barn doors. 

One wintery morning just after Christmas    2015, Andy spotted a van on eBay the right price,miles, colour and not to far from us. Could this really be happening. Andy is on the phone arranging a viewing. Compose myself I haven’t seen it yet. Done we are going to look at it. 

Driving down the motorway feeling nervous hoping it is real and that it is not just a bag of nails. 

Well let’s just get to the good bit. It is ours. Aaahhhh 😜

Time to name him. Derek. No I don’t know where I pulled that name from and yes you do have to name you van It is the law. Haha. 😀

So this is our panel van and this is where our adventure beings. 

Press that follow button and come on our T5 adventure in transforming our panel van into a beautiful campervan and then on to traveling around the uk and more. 

Thanks for reading please leave a comment if you are thinking of getting a VW and if you have any questions. 

Love t5adventure x


3 thoughts on “Derek our T5

  1. Love your story as its so similar to ours – we did get a blue Type 2 Early Bay, but it’s still waiting to be welded, so we ended up with a T4 as well! I wasn’t willing to settle for anything less than a VW either 😊 But then we do now have a Golf, Bora, Beetle called Howie, T2 called Cromarty and T4 called Spud…..

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