What to do??? 

So it is another wet cloudy Sunday morning nothing new for England, but what to do?? Let’s go for a drive and see where we end up. That’s the great thing about Derek is you get in and drive. No plan, No intentions. Ultimate Freedom. 😉 

I wish he was all converted though so we could go camping. Soon very soon 😜

We ended up at Tittersworth in the Peak District. A flask of tea and a bacon and egg butty, looking over the reservoir. Like people say it is Living the dream.

Cheesy alert. Until you get a campervan or motorhomes it’s hard to discribe how it feels. Knowing you can go anywhere brilliant. Ultimate freedom. 

Thanks for reading. Soon Derek will be leaving us to begin stage one of getting converted in to our campervan. To excited for words. 🙂 we will keep you informed of Derek’s progress and by the time we have Derek back, we will have a very empty bank account. 😦 let’s not think about it yet. 

Please leave a comment if you are converting your campervan or if you are thinking of getting a VW. 

See you soon. 

Love t5adventure x


8 thoughts on “What to do??? 

  1. Plenty of time while you wait for your conversion to plan your future trips and adventures. Sometimes just doing a day trip and forgetting to return home that night can be exciting.

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    1. I have got a note pad with places I want to visit and the google map app is brill. I spend my nights zooming in on roads to find places we can stay. 🙂 I lead an exciting life hahah.


  2. If it’s any consolation, you are not the only one that does that. I’m currently driving around the Isle of Arran on Google maps. You might want to get a bigger notebook.

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  3. My blog is about UK family holidays and days out so you may find some useful info for your travels.
    Check out this blog I came across it’s a mini bus conversion told in an ebook BUT its the photo that shows what it looks like that you maybe intrested in, its got its own kitchen!

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  4. Hey! 🙂 also from the UK here. However I’m traveling Australia and would have loved to get a van to make into my own camper. Instead I got a 1995 Jeep Cherokee and had the back seats taken out so I use that to sleep in. Best decision ever and you’ll have a great time in your van! Van / jeep life is the best 🙂

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