No going back now. 

So it begins. We have received our first photos of Derek all chopped up. A big hole for the roof and holes for the windows. No going back now. A exciting but nervous time. Hope it all goes well now. 

Thank you for reading about Derek’s journey. The good bit starts now choosing the interior and designing what we want it to look like. 🙂 

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Love t5adventure x



4 thoughts on “No going back now. 

  1. Exciting times ahead. It’s nice that they provide the vans with a Tv to watch whilst awaiting their procedures. It takes a brave soul to watch their pride and joy having large holes cut out.

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    1. Yes bit of a shock when we received the pictures. Like I said no going back now. It is exciting but I need something to calm my nerves. Hehe. On count down to getting it back. What do u drive?? X


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