Dub freeze 2016

No updates yet so I thought I would share some pictures from dub freeze 2016 at Stafford show ground??  I know it has come and gone but I wanted to post something and we had a really good time. We didn’t stay over night but wish we could of. Next year hopefully when Derek is back. 

There were loads of VWs to look at from beetles, golfs, split screens and t5. People were friendly and allowed me and my husband to talk to them about their vans and We picked up great ideas that I am looking forward to doing soon. The stalls were full of car and van parts so if you are converting it yourself then it is great but for us there wasnt much to buy. Outside though looking at all the cars and vans was really good, just shame how cold it was. Oh and can’t I say the cooked breakfast we had there was brilliant. Can’t beat a breakfast on a cold miserable day. 

Can’t wait to go our next VW show. 🙂 

Didn’t get to many photos as I was to busy gas bagging to everyone. 🙂 The VW family are really friendly. 

Thank you for reading my blog. If you are enjoying reading it press that like and follow button. If you have any ideas of good VW shows we could go then leave me a comment. 

Love t5adventure x


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