Derek’s Interior 

Well Derek’s interior is final here. We have gone for EVO designs. 2.5 short wheelbase in walnut with black gloss top with black beading and chrome catches.  We have also got the light shelf, the over head locker, single passenger table, and normal table. Very happy with it. Just got to wait for it to be installed. 🙂 We brought  the water bottles as well with pump. Bottles are 19 litres but we need to get smaller ones as 2 won’t fit in thinking 13 litre. They expect you to drill a hole through the floor for the waste pipe. 

We will be having a Waeco fridge in the cut out section and a Smev 9222 two ring burner and sink with cold tap. 🙂 

Not seen it in person but looks good on the photo. We had to go dark due to having a possibly muddy dog in close proximity. It will be easier to keep clean. 

What do you all think leave me a comment below. If you are enjoying reading my blg press the like and follow button and come along for the journey. 

Love t5adventure x


4 thoughts on “Derek’s Interior 

    1. Not sure what they are to be honest. 🙂 I do know that it is silver with a little freezer in it which is cool and it also glows blue 😍. Just to cool haha. I will take a picture when it comes. Hopefully it will be good.


      1. Waeco fridge is definitely the way to go if touring around, We have a 3 way fridge powered by mains electric, 12 volt or gas which sound good, but having to keep changing the power source is not so good and the temperature is never constant. I’ve heard that a good sized solar panel on the roof would more or less power the Waeco fridge on its own.

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