Today is the day. 

Well today is the day we collect our T5 Derek from the garage. Phil from Auto Kraft in Stoke on Trent has been amazing. Keeping us upto date with the progress of our van and send us pictures of the transformation. So a big thank you. Well It is here on out drive all shiny and new and ready for the adventure to begin. 

What we have had done. 

SCA 194 roof fitted this has a bed

Insulated and carpets in medium grey

Wooden laminate flooring 

Windows fitted and tinted 

EVO design 2.5 kitchen fitted

Double swivel chair base installed 

Sink with cold tap and pump 


Gas piping for 2 ring cooker

Full electrics, lights etc

Leisure battery 

Van x curtains 2 sided black and grey. 

Not cheap but we love it and it has come just in time for the bank holiday. 

We still need a Rock and roll bed and our diesel heater to be fitted but we have ran out our money for now 😦 but we have camping chairs and a place to sleep so we are good for now.

This weekend we will be going to a camp site not far from us just to try it out and see if everything is working ok. 

So excited to spend our first night in it. Hope the weather is ok. Me and hubby with a wet dog not a great thought. 🙂 

Thank you for reading my blog, the adventure truly begins. If you like reading  t5 adventure press the like and follow button and come along on our journey. I will let you know how this weekend goes. 

Love t5adventure xx


13 thoughts on “Today is the day. 

  1. That looks really good. I hope you get the diesel heater sorted. We have a Webasto evo dual top which runs on the van’s diesel and heats the water and or the blown air heating. Fabulous piece of kit, also used in lorries and boats. Look forward to your first trip blogg

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    1. Hey thanks yes. Trying to save up for rock and roll bed and heater. Hopefully before winter sets in again so we can continue to use it. I would also like a insulating window cover and pop top wrap. The list keeps growing and the money keeps disappearing haha. That’s what it is like having a t5/ campervan. 🙂 all money goes to the bank of Derek.

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  2. The transformation is amazing. One minute it’s a works van, next it’s a campervan. I’m curious about the tall units with the tambour doors. I presume one is a wardrobe, is the other one a food cupboard ?
    Enjoy your trip.

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    1. Hey
      Thank you. We are so excited about it. Just been away and loved it. Yes we have used one for food and the other for clothes. We also have a small over head locker for small bits and bobs. Can’t wait for the bed now so we can have more storage. Always need more storage in a campervan. Hehe. 🙂


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