Derek’s first camping trip. 

Well Derek first camping trip was a success. 🙂 we loved every minute expect the bed. Blinking uncomfortable. I have now got a bad back haha. We definitely need a mattress topper or something. I cant staying in it with out one. 

Anyway We stayed in Cheadle in Staffordshire on a little camp site. Very basic camp site not the best iv ever stayed on but it did the job. There we some lovely walks around the area which we did and the weather was great which helped. 

Everything worked which was amazing the lights, sink and cooker even the swivel base chair. We had to have a few goes to get it spin. Found out you need to keep the hand brake off while you turn it as it was catching. Just remember to make sure someone is sitting in the drivers seat with the brake on. Any way there was no point really turning it around as soon as we did it Alfie jumped straight on it. So I can definitely say it is now Alfie’s chair. Haha. And we have been down graded to the camping chairs.

I have got to say though that Alfie has been amazing this weekend. He wasn’t even bothered about staying in Derek or driving around in it. He isn’t so keen about being up front but in the back with the window open he loves it.and most days after a very long walk Alfie has just flaked out on the swivel chair and was asleep most of the night. 

Cooking was good. I am use to camping cooking on two rings but I did rustle up a good tea if I do say so myself. 🙂 Felt a bit cramped when we came to eating but we didn’t mind. Organisation is key. And team work. 

I know we were camping but we have bought a TV for them horrible wet days or dark nights and it worked great. We have also got our games of Rummikub, scrabble and cards at the ready but most of the time I just sat a chilled reading a book. 

Sadly our weekend came to an end but I can not wait for our next adventure and I am beginning to plan our first wild camp, now I know everything works. Exciting times. 🚐

Sorry I don’t have any more photos but we did a lot of chilling in the sunshine. 

Thank you again for reading my blog if you have got any good games I could add to our collection for them rainy days leave a comment down below. 

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Love t5adventure xx


13 thoughts on “Derek’s first camping trip. 

    1. Hey thanks for reading. we sleep in the roof. There is a bed that pulls down and we climb up. It’s quite big I would say a small double. It has a mattress but is is on about an 1inch thick so was quite uncomfortable. We will be getting a rock and roll bed hopefully soon. Just saving for it now. 🙂 it is a clever design. I love how compact VW are but there is a space for everything.

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      1. We’ve just had a RnR bed fitted in our T4 by a fantastic company in Wolverhampton. It was pricey, but worth every penny. It’s crash-tested, MOT compliant with seat belts (important to us for transporting children occasionally) but best of all, with the cushions made of 4″ memory foam, it was as comfy to sleep on as our bed at home.

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      2. Hi, their website seems to be via eBay, but I rang them up with a couple of questions and ended up ordering over the phone as I wanted a slightly different combination to their listings. They could not have been more helpful, from the initial ordering, to the free fitting in their workshop (even though we got held up in traffic and arrived late). How can I post a photo for you? (Only just set up my blog and still getting used to how it all works 😊)


  1. Wow the van looks amazing, kind of wish I had one myself! We still take our old fashioned tent everywhere with us, haha! I love how you consider Alfie in everything, always great to read about someone else who never leaves their dog behind 🙂

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    1. Thanks. It is brill when u can just turn up and know you can put kettle on straight away and not put up a tent. Haha. But I do love camping and we still have our tent. Alfie is part of the family and I could not even think of leaving him behind. He seemed to love it. When we say shall we go on holiday or in Derek his tail starts going. 🐶🚐

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    1. Thanks for that. We have just bought a memory topper off eBay for £30 and it worked great this weekend. I just need to figure out how to make it smaller and make a cover for it. So much better than the hard mattress it came with. X


      1. I had one before the Duvalays. Just cut it with scissors! Didn’t bother to make a cover – just chucked a sheet over it worked fine (until I discovered the luxury of … Well, I am not going to advertise for them!!!!
        Ps meant “van’, not ‘can’ in previous reply!

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