Dovedale 2016

This weekend we decided to go to Dovedale. I haven’t been in along time and forgot what a beautiful area it is. Derek did not falter on the way and it was great when we got there it started to rain a little. We decided to sit in the back put on the kettle and watch the people scurrying around trying to shelter from the lovely Uk weather that comes out of no where. What a great feeling it is knowing you can pull up anywhere and sit in our van having a cuppa. We ended up swivelling the seat and as you can see from the photos Alfie made himself comfy. 

We then went for our walk by the river it was really busy and Alfie was off his lead and did amazing. I know Alfie is good and we walk he off the lead a lot but there is always that feeling will he run. Haha. He loves us to much and decided to stay with us. How ever he did go for a swim in the river which is His favourite activity. He loves swimming and getting me and Andy wet and smelling of dog. 🐶

Does anyone else’s dog love chasing pebbles or stones?? Alfie loves chasing and smelling them out more than chasing a ball. 

Not much happened this weekend other than our day trip but next weekend we are away. You know the house stuff 😦 boring. you will have to read my blog next week though to find out where we went. I am so looking forward to it. All I can say it is going to be wild. Get it. Haha. 🏕

Thanks for reading my blog come back next week to see what happens next in our t5adventure. Remember to press the like and follow button. 

Love t5adventure xxx


3 thoughts on “Dovedale 2016

  1. What a great campervan! It is worth guarding, so I hope you do that ferociously, Alfie! It is nice to walk off leash, isn’t it? I like it a lot. I like to run through little streams too, especially if there are sticks to pull out and play with. Greetings from Bubbles!

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    1. Greeting bubbles. I am a good little guard dog though some times I do get scare. I am scared of my shadow, the cushion, any tree and grids and I hide behind my mum and dad. I love playing in the water and I love chasing stones. I get so excited. Thanks for reading bubbles.


  2. I haven’t heard of Dovedale before, It looks nice and it is only just down the road from Ilam House, the National Trust campsite that I have on our must visit sites list.

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